Jenna L. Palmer, DVM

Doctor Jenna Palmer graduated veterinary school in 2010 from Tuskegee University in Alabama. She received her Bachelor of Science in Animal and Veterinary Sciences in 2006 from West Virginia University. Before WVU, Dr. Palmer attended Potomac State College in Keyser, WV and graduated with an Associates of Arts degree in Agriculture Animal Science in 2004. She came to the Mid-Ohio Valley after graduation in 2010 and has worked with a couple of great small animal clinics in the area. In 2012, Dr. Palmer started a primarily large animal mobile practice named PALMER VETERINARY SERVICES, PLLC. Palmer Vet Services (PVS) has provided routine and emergency care to hundreds of patients in over 10 counties in West Virginia and Ohio. With a longtime local doc retiring in 2017, the opportunity arose for Palmer Vet Services to expand! In Spring of 2017, Dr. Palmer purchased a clinic on Grand Central Avenue in Vienna, WV. In late Spring 2017 Palmer Vet Services is opening its first hospital thus VIENNA VETERINARY CLINIC is born!!!

Dr. Palmer has always had a love and passion for animals of all sizes! Even as a little girl, Jenna knew she wanted to be a Veterinarian when she grew up. She was fortunate enough to have a supportive family who encouraged her and shared her dream. Along the way Jenna had several great mentors who helped shape the great doctor she has become. Partly due to the great leadership influence she was blessed with, and partly because the road to becoming a Veterinarian is a hard one, Dr. Palmer has provided (and will continue to provide) mentorship to several students ranging from high school to veterinary students working on their internship. She uses a hands on approach with them while sharing her knowledge and experiences. It’s a great opportunity for them to get to see things first hand that they will be learning about in school. Over the years, Palmer Veterinary Services has partnered with multiple local businesses to provide low-cost vaccines and routine blood tests for their animals and at the same time help educate the public about their pets. Dr. Palmer has a farm of fur babies of her own. Puppy Pack: Huckleberry, Cricket, Maizikeen, Crimson Rose, Haddie, Molli and Romeo, a fluffy cat named Akila and two horses; Arrow and Zeke and Jack the Donkey; Chickens; Macaroni and Cheese and one fish-Colonel Mustard.