To prevent confusion, we want to be clear and upfront about our prescription medication policy. First, it is always best to use your local veterinary office for filling your medications. The products we carry are guaranteed by the manufacturer. They are the legitimate product. They will be issued at correct doses with the patient’s weight, medical history, medication interference, etc. taken into account. Some of the medications we prescribe are also used on the human pharmaceutical side and don’t do the same things in pets that they do in humans. Human pharmacists aren’t prescribers-veterinarians are. Human pharmacists are not trained to adequately assess the effects multifaceted human medications can have on animals.

In regards to online pharmacies and their abilities to offer things “cheaper.” Online pharmacies get their “medications” from all over the world. Some are legitimate, some are bootlegged and made to look legitimate. Regardless they are required by law to have the prescription authorization of a reputable doctor in good standing in order to fill the medications you are requesting. One of the many problems with outside pharmacies is that they will not guarantee that the products they are sending you are authentic, not diluted, not harmful, to your pet, etc.

They also don’t support what they sell. They have big corporate lawyers who will happily ruin a local veterinarians license on the corporation’s mistake, faulty “medication,” potentially lethal knockoffs disguised as medications, etc.

Your pets health is the most important thing to us and we refuse to compromise that in the name of a “cheap deal” from a well marketed online “pharmacy.” If you chose to use another outside pharmacy-there is a $25 per script, per patient, per year, fill fee. This is applied toward the cost of our trained and educated staff preparing your prescription correctly and taking the time to send that in. Our time-as yours-is valuable. Of course, your pet has to continue to have their annual wellness exam with us in order to be allowed to continue to have the prescription filled. This is in accordance with state law.

We understand that convenience for our clients is important just as quality is to us. For your convenience, we have two online pharmacies we have a relationship with. They are both authentic, reliable resources for you to use. The links to these are available on our website and listed below. As always, we try to carry all the items that are best for your pet here in our pharmacy as well. Thank you for being a good pet owner. Thank you for respecting our policy.

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